Visual Studio 2012 – Great new features for Web and CRM 2011 development

by Shawn Tabor

The recent release of Visual Studio 2012 offers a number of great enhancements that will improve standard web development as well as CRM development.

Features of note for the CRM developer include:

Note: In order to install the current CRM Developer Toolkit with Visual Studio 2012, the MSI has to be edited to modify the registry key which points to Visual Studio 2010. A great step by step article was written on this very topic and can be found by clicking here. Continue reading “Visual Studio 2012 – Great new features for Web and CRM 2011 development”


Managing Solutions within CRM 2011 – Some Helpful Resources

One of the more challenging aspects of managing an Enterprise wide CRM 2011 implementation is managing solutions across multiple developers and multiple environments.  I have worked on implementations which used a single development environment with a single solution as well as implementations with multiple development virtual machines and developers each merging their solution into a master development solution…and others with scenarios in between.

Please find some valuable information below on some helpful resources across the blogosphere which can help you with this endeavor.  Good Luck!

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