Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile (Power App) – Where are all my instances?

Today I was preparing for a demonstration of the new Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile to a client and noticed that my sitemap changes in my development environment were not taking effect. After force quitting the app, re-configuring the app, deleting and re-downloading the app and almost throwing my phone across the room…I realized the error of my ways. I didn’t enable the setting to show non-production apps!

Enable the ability to show non-production apps within Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile

Once this setting was enabled, my sandbox environments displayed without issue! This is incredibly handy for a number of reasons. In a user acceptance testing scenario, it provides a simple way to enable business users to switch to a UAT environment app for testing and easily move back to production without having to remember URLs or passwords. Once the access for the appropriate security role has been provided to the environment app to the user, this setting allows them to see multiple environment apps with ease!

A simple tip to further enable your users with Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile!

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