A Father’s Day Story

A young couple and their little girl are walking back to their room at Disney's All-Star Resort. The girl is crying. A Disney security guard walks up to the family to see if they are alright. The mother explains that the girl lost her autograph book somewhere in the Magic Kingdom and it had Mickey … Continue reading A Father’s Day Story

Preview Features in Dynamics 365 Field Service

Remember when preview features could be "opted-in" from Settings > Administration > System Settings in your Dynamics instance? Well you still can do that for some preview features, but things have changed when it comes to getting a preview of items related to Dynamics 365 Field Service. https://youtu.be/gohUVmO5vKc Watch the latest episode of The Dispatch … Continue reading Preview Features in Dynamics 365 Field Service

LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Dynamics 365

LinkedIn & Dynamics 365 Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn has brought new and exciting integration and opportunities for the Sales users within Dynamics 365 via Sales Navigator.  Finding the people/firms that you want to do business with and effectively managing those opportunities within Dynamics 365 is more powerful than ever.  In this article, we will look … Continue reading LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Dynamics 365