Walking to Mordor…

Welcome Readers!

My name is Shawn Tabor and this is the first post, beginning the journey that is blogging about CRM and related topics.  I do this with great trepidation as I really want this blog that entertains while providing useful information…and that is a daunting task to be sure.  I liken this adventure for me to that of Frodo’s quest to destroy the “One Ring” (for the uninitiated, see the Lord of the Rings) and all of the challenges that he encountered.  I see this as an extremely rewarding endeavor with many challenges ahead to provide informative posts that are engaging and not a regurgitation of what has already been said.

Some information about me:

  • I am a CRM consultant for a Gold certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner
  • I have a passion for CRM and Social Networking
  • I love the idea that someone could read my blog and gain knowledge or a perspective they may have not had otherwise
  • I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan
  • Much like a Hobbit, I am short with hairy feet…hence “CRMhobbit” 🙂

I would like to close my first post to the CRMhobbit blog with a “thank you” to those who I have found inspiration from to get this blog off of the ground.  If you have not done so already, please take the time to visit their blogs and follow them on Twitter.

Thank you to Julie Yack, Paul Greenberg, Ben Hosking, Jim Lomas, Laura Robinson, Jim Glass, Jr., Martin tenVoorde, Anne Stanton and Chuck Ingram!