Preview Features in Dynamics 365 Field Service

Remember when preview features could be “opted-in” from Settings > Administration > System Settings in your Dynamics instance? Well you still can do that for some preview features, but things have changed when it comes to getting a preview of items related to Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Watch the latest episode of The Dispatch on the CRMHobbit’s vlog for a rundown of how to enable the Schedule Board preview at the 9:30 mark within the video!

REMINDER: preview features are meant to understand feedback from customers and not to be installed in a production environment. But they do give your organization a way to review the updated functionality and plan for your deployment in advance.

Due to the numerous potential updates just within the Field Service app, and the various teams now responsible for content under frequent review, there is now a new way to access Preview features within Dynamics 365 Field Service. For step by step instructions, refer to the article on Microsoft Docs here.

The new process uses PowerShell commands to access the library of available preview features such as the new Inspections, or Field Service Mobile app, or Field Service Portal features. As long as you can avoid misspelling your Org ID (like I did), this is a really easy process to follow as the product team provides example blocks for each command that you simply replace important details from your Dynamics 365 instance.

Once the preview feature is enabled within your instance, all future updates within the preview period are available via the standard solution update for Field Service, which makes the whole process much easier for your IT staff to manage and maintain.

I hope you access the preview features for Field Service and provide the feedback on your experience to the product team. Your feedback is what drives the priority of future feature enhancements and overall product development. Let me know what you think of the new experience by commenting below, or reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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